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The Henderson County Detention Center is a modern facility first opened in 2001. We have a total of 222 beds housed in 5 different housing units. One of the unique designs about this facility is the ability to transfer inmates directly from the detention center to the Henderson County Courthouse without leaving the confines of the structure. We were also the first facility in the Carolinas to use a video visitation system for inmates and their visitors.
Our primary purpose is the safe custody and control of inmates housed at the facility. A list of agencies that we support in housing their inmates include: Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, Hendersonville, Laurel Park and Fletcher Police Departments, N.C. Highway Patrol and others. We are also in the enviable position of currently having more beds than county inmates to house; this allows us to house inmates for other counties who are facing an inmate housing shortage.
If a family member or acquaintance of an inmate becomes aware of any medical issues or mental health crisis affecting an inmate being housed at the detention center, please contact the medical/mental health unit of the detention center. If it is after hours or on the weekend, please contact the supervisor on duty.

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