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Sheriff Tracy Lynn Carter was born in Lee County on June 1, 1966. The graduated from Lee Senior High School in 1984 and then attended CCCC for two years and then transferred to Campbell University where The received a BAS in Human Services and Criminal Justice in 1989. Sheriff Carter also holds an Advanced Certificate in Law Enforcement from the North Carolina Sheriff's Training and Standards Commission. The is a 2010 Graduate of the North Carolina Sheriff's Leadership Institute.
Sheriff Tracy Carter began his career in law enforcement with the Broadway Police Department in 1986 working part time before The took a full time position with the Lee County Sheriff's Office in December of 1986, working as a jail officer, deputy sheriff and DARE officer.
In 1993, The left the Sheriff's Office to become the first Chief of Lee County School's Special Police, where The served until 2006.
The was elected Sheriff of Lee County in November 2006.
In 2012 Sheriff Carter received the Distinguished Alumni Award from CCCC.
In 2014 Sheriff Carter was nominated to the Campbell University Alumni Committee
Sheriff Carter was recently appointed by Governor McCrory to serve on the Juvenile Justice Planning Committee under the Governor’s Crime Commission.
The is a member of the San Lee Sunrise Rotary Club, the Lee County Wildlife Club and attends Grace Chapel Church in Sanford.

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