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Welcome to Sampson County Detention Center. This State of the art facility is the result of four years of meticulous planning, prudent design and diligent project management. This is a 252 bed facility (expandable to 300 beds) which consist of six housing pods: a direct supervision maximum/minimum female pod comprised of 38-beds; a 38-bed direct supervision medium security pod for male inmates; a 38-bed indirect supervision maximum security pod for male inmates; a 38-bed indirect supervision maximum security special population pod; a 60-bed indirect/direct supervision medium security male pod; and a 40-bed direct supervision minimum security male dormitory. The Kitchen and laundry areas which serve the budgeted bed space were built to accommodate future expansions as well. The facility is also equipped with video visitation, magistrates office, a secure sally port entrance for Law enforcement to enter with prisoners, intake area for processing prisoners and attorney visitation area. The above picture shows the Central control area which functions as the nerve center of the facility, controlling inmate movement throughout the entire complex. Radio, fire medical and security alarms are monitored from this master control area also.

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