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On a daily average, the New York City Department of Corrections facilitates between 12,000 and 17,000 inmates, which is more than the prison population in many state correctional systems. Stretching more than 400 acres, Rikers Island consists of 10 major jails for sentenced males, detained and sentenced females and the detention of adolescent males. In addition to the jails in New York City on Rikers Island are a central laundry, bakery, K-9 unit, power plant, tailor shop and transportation divisions.

The New York City Department of Corrections also operates four borough facilities in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. There are also 16 court detention facilities and three hospital prison wards under the guidance of the New York City Department of Corrections. Seriously ill inmates, including those requiring psychiatric treatments are held in the prison wards of Elmhurst General Hospital and Bellevue Hospital. New York City inmates with less serious medical needs are treated at the North Infirmary Command on Rikers Island.

You can search for inmates in New York City using the New York inmate search system, which will provide custody and basic case information on the current New York City inmates not in state or federal custody.

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