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Abbeville County Detention Center Mission Statement
The Abbeville County Detention Center is one part of the criminal justice system serving the citizens of Abbeville County. We recognize that each segment of the system impacts the nature and size of the Detention Center population. We endorse, to the extent consistent with the primary goal of public safety and security, the development of alternatives to incarceration (such as community service, electronic monitoring) as an integral part of the Abbeville County Detention Center’s criminal justice system. The Detention Center must also serve the needs of all user agencies and individuals, including prisoners, staff, law enforcement, the courts, attorneys, and community organizations.
The Abbeville County Detention Center will serve as the intake center for un-sentenced misdemeanor and/or felony detainees/inmates, and as an incarceration facility for sentenced offenders. It will provide facilities for the detention of both un-sentenced detainees/inmates and sentenced inmates in a minimum, medium, and maximum-security environment. All facilities will provide housing and services of equal quality for all classes of detainees/ inmates.

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