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Consisting of two correctional facilities for men and women, the Shelby County Jail in Memphis, TN houses nearly 3,000 inmates, with an average of 56,000 Shelby County mugshots and bookings every year. About 70 of the Shelby County Jail roster are juveniles held per day for violent crimes. Male inmates booked into the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office are housed in downtown Memphis on Polar Avenue; whereas, female inmates are housed in east Memphis on Haley Road.

As a facility accredited with the American Corrections Association, the inmates are supervised by the Chief Jailer and his staff. Although in previous years, the Shelby County Jail inmates only worked for punitive measures, the facility now also provides job and life skills training to aid with the successful rehabilitation of inmates upon reentering the community. The inmates also work both inside and outside the facilities to save taxpayers money by providing the labor for cleaning public buildings, performing roadway work and more.

Other services to aid in the rehabilitation of inmates on the Shelby County Jail roster include counseling services, drug and alcohol recovery programs, literacy programs, mental health services, work release and religious interactions.

Through the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Memphis, you can search current inmates and information about their charges with an inmate locator; however, Shelby County mugshots aren’t available with the inmate locator.

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