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Under the direct supervision of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, the Detention Bureau provides a secure and humane environment for inmates and staff. With a linear design; to promote the security and supervision of the Collin County Jail inmates, positive morale, increased motivation and improved efficiency throughout the facility.

The processing area in the jail is the inmate’s first contact with the detention facility, where the Collin County Mugshots and booking process is conducted, as well as the inmate’s introduction to the direct supervision philosophy. Collin County mugshots and inmate records are available using the inmate search tool.

Next to the intake area is the property, bond and release areas. There are also services to meet the basic health, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene needs of the Collin County inmates.

To improve the Detention Bureau’s efficiency, there are self-improvement and educational opportunities, including basic adult education and literacy programs, drug rehabilitation, counseling, library services and more.

The Collin County Jail inmates are always under the supervision of staff, including the Detention Response Team, which responds to high-risk situations, such as hostage situations, to support the direct supervision philosophy. Under this philosophy, inmates are able to partake in the worker program, which serves as a management tool for inmate participation.

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