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Piedmont Regional Jail is a minimum to  high-security facility located in Farmville, VA that serves the counties  of Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway, and Prince  Edward.  Over the past two decades, Piedmont Regional Jail has  consistently been recognized as one of the best managed facilities in  Virginia.  Fiscally, Piedmont Regional Jail has been recognized as the  Virginia facility with the lowest cost-per-day for inmate incarceration.The idea of a regional jail was  first tossed around in the early 1980s.  At the time, there were three  small, antiquated jails in the six counties. The jails could not  continue to meet recertification standards and each was holding 50-100%  over its rated capacity.  As a result, many inmates were being  incarcerated outside of the six-county area.Recognizing the overcrowded  conditions, costs of building individual county jails, and physical  conditions of existing jails, an ad hoc committee recommended to each of  the county boards of supervisors that a regional jail be appointed,  consisting of two members from each county, to proceed with plans for  construction of a regional jail.

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