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Hello, and Welcome to the Detention Bureau. We service local, state and federal law enforcement entities. We strive to operate a clean, safe and secure environment for individuals that are incarcerated. In 2012, an average of 545 offenders were housed on a daily basis, that number does NOT include the 75 to 80 offenders housed at our off site work release facility. Our facilities hold individuals arrested on misdemeanor and felony charges and about one third of our population is sentenced to the Jail. We provide opportunities in areas of education and treatment, it is our goal to help individuals in custody gain skills needed upon release to their community. Working towards the reduction of recidivism we have made many community partners and work with them to provide services to offenders, these services include housing, employment, education, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, veteran specific services and counseling in family and marriage. The bureau is divided into two divisions, operations and security. Operations are responsible for Inmate Services, Transportation / Court Security, Classification, Criminal Investigations Division and Work Release. Security is responsible for Standard compliance, Housing and supervision, Intake and Property. Striving to be one of the best, the facility and the staff recieved ACA (American Correctional Association) Accreditation in January 2011. I hope you find our information helpful.


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