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Yuma County, established in 1889, is 10,151 down to earth people, living proudly and peacefully on 2,400 acres of fertile farm land and prairie with a couple of incorporated cities and towns where only about half of the county population lives. The rest are spread out on historic farms and ranches around the county. We live here on purpose and are very proud of our home. Yuma County is 38th of the 64 Colorado Counties by population, and the 14th largest of the 64 Counties in Colorado. It sits on the “other half” of Colorado with no mountains, although, we are 8/10th of a mile high in elevation. Yuma County is on the eastern border of Colorado where Kansas and Nebraska come together. The office of Sheriff is descended from the medieval system of societies. Back in the 7th and 8th centuries, the King would appoint a “Reeve” to carry out the King’s wishes in each “Shire.” Eventually, that person became known as the “Shire-Reeve,” which is where we get the word Sheriff today. Early in the establishment of the United States of America, the Sheriff was an important figure in the Constitution to enforce the law of the land, but more importantly, to protect the newly established rights of the people. That constitutional responsibility is still atop the duties of the elected Sheriff in each county in this country.


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