Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office currently employs 12 full time and 2 part time patrol deputies. Because of their varied duties, each deputy is required to be trained for many different job requirements. Each patrol deputy must complete the 10 week POST Basic Patrol Academy. In addition they are required to complete a 5 week FTO training period, complete 40 hours per year of additional training and numerous other training and certification courses. The county is divided into two basic areas -North and South. The North is comprised of the towns of Marsing and Homedale to Murphy. The South end is comprised of the Grand View and Bruneau areas to Riddle and the Three Creek area. Two part time deputies are Marine Deputies. Along with the POST Basic Patrol Academy they must also be certified at the POST Marine Deputy Academy. A contract with Idaho Power pays for the cost of the entire program. The Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office also contracts for law enforcement duties with the City of Marsing for 1 1/3 officers. Owyhee County picks up the rest. Homedale City has their own Police Department. The Sheriff’s Office employs a back country deputy who is responsible for patrolling the remote areas of Owyhee County. The Sheriff’s Office also employs and administrative secretary whose duties also include the Civil Division, one Patrol Sergeant, one Investigative Sergeant, and a Chief Deputy whose responsibility is to act for the Sheriff if the Sheriff is unavailable working other issues.


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