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The Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center was originally built 1966. There have been three expansions. The first expansion was a four story addition completed in 1994, raising the inmate capacity to 661. The second expansion, was adding the two modular units in 2007 raising the inmate capacity to 789. The third expansion completed in May, 2010 increased the inmate population to 1917. The facility is located at 3841 Leeds Ave, North Charleston, South Carolina. Our facility consists of four buildings. The original building, Tower A includes the Training Division, Training Room, staff weight room and showers, Inmate Library, Environmental/Logistics, eight inmate housing units, and two modular units. The expansion Towers B and C includes administrative offices, conference rooms, a state of the art control center, kitchen, laundry, staff dining, medical department, lobby, visitation area, twenty-one direct supervision units and an Infirmary. The fourth building is our work camp facility which is located on the same campus. The Detention Center is closely monitored by over 700 cameras in the "nerve center" known as Central Control to ensure the safety and security of the facility, staff, and inmates. Perimeter security consists of a single fence with concertina wire, a perimeter alarm system, and security cameras placed in several locations. The facilities main entrance requires contracted employees and visitors to pass through a metal detector and all bags are scanned to ensure no contraband is being brought into the facility. The facility's vehicle salleyport is secured by a hydraulic gate which is operated by Central Control to ensure safety and security.


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