Working with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, Executive Chief Deputy Bob Knowles, supervises the four Tarrant County jails: Green Bay Facility, Correction Center, Belknap Facility and Cold Springs Facility. More than 1,000 men and women staff the Confinement Bureau to uphold the Texas Commission on Law and Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. An average of 32,000 inmates are detained each year by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, where inmates receive a full spectrum of inmate education programs and counseling services. The Tarrant County inmate search database provides general information regarding an inmate’s arrest. This search tool is free of charge and available online.

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How do I find out if someone I know is still in jail?

You can check online via the county's inmate search: https://ijis.tarrantcounty.com/inmatesearch/. You can also try calling the Inmate Information phone line for Tarrant County jails. That number is 1-817-884-3116.

Can I call an inmate in a Tarrant County Jail?

Inmates can only make outgoing phone calls by collect call. Inmates that are in the middle of the booking process can make free local calls from their holding cells.

How can I visit an inmate in a Tarrant County Jail?

Inmates are allowed one visit per week per registered visitor. More information on visitation and schedules can be found here.


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