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Des Moines County Correctional Center Staffing
The Des Moines County Correctional Center is staffed with one jail administrator, one assistant jail administrator, four sergeants, fifteen full-time correctional officers, numerous part-time correctional officers, three part-time transportation officers, one administrative assistant, one dietary manager, and numerous part-time cooks and cooks assistants.
Des Moines County Correctional Center handles all transportation arrangements for the Des Moines County Sheriff's Office. A partial list of transports the Correctional Officers perform include:
Court Appearances
Mental Health Pick up Orders
Doctors Appointments
Mental Health Appointments
Transports to and from different facilities
Des Moines County Correctional Center encourages inmates to participate in different educational, health, and safety programs. Some of the programs available to the inmates include:
Alcoholics Anonymous
Library Services
Narcotics Anonymous
Sexually Transmitted Disease Classes
General Equivalency Diploma
Work Release Program
Weekend Sentence Program

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