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  • mugshot of Esther Goodwin
  • mugshot of Deondre Spence
  • mugshot of Angela Hardin
  • mugshot of Debra Preston
  • mugshot of David Morse


Chief Deputy - Kevin Olson (Drug Investigator, MART Team Tactical Operator, Sex Offender Registry Liaison)
Deputy - Dale Baruth (Computer Forensics)
Deputy - Jeff Merrill (Patrol Sergeant, Training Officer, Advanced Traffic Accident Investigator)
Deputy - Tony Ruter (MART Team Tactical Operator)
Deputy - Thomas Bauler (Reserve Coordinator)
Deputy - Dillon Faas
Deputy - Brandon Lamack
Deputy - Nick Merwald
Civil Clerk - Laurie Harvego
Jail Administrator - Pablo Leal
Jailer - Drew Strom
Jailer - Bob Krause
Jailer - Liz Bates
Dispatcher - Melissa Patrick
Dispatcher - Holly Van Langen
Dispatcher - Tera Shatto
Dispatcher - Jarrod Fischer
Dispatcher - Emily Roy
Dispatcher - Kyle Steffen
Dispatcher - Dave Peters
Dispatcher - MacKenzie Siefken

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