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Kemper County received its name from Colonel Reuben Kemper (1770-1827), a native of Virginia. Kemper County was one of the sixteen counties formed in 1833 from the territory acquired from the Choctaws by the treaty of Dancing Rabbit, and the act of December 23, 1833, thus defined its boundaries.
Kemper County has a total area of 767 square miles and includes the two major towns of Kemper; Dekalb, the county seat, and Scooba, along with several smaller communities scattered throughout the county. The mostly rural county is made up of people who are proud and have a strong work ethic, a friendly disposition and a caring heart. Kemper County is a great place to live and raise a family. The educational system is made up of East and West Kemper Elementary, Kemper County High, John C. Stennis Vocational Complex, Kemper Academy and East Mississippi Community College.

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