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The Detention Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Capt. J. Sellew
Lt. D. Bolton & Lt. W. Turner supervise detention facility operations.
Shift Supervisors are: Sgt. T. Crawford, Sgt. A. Cartnail, Sgt. A. Whitted, Sgt. R. Thompson & Sgt. T. Snipes
About the Orange County Detention Center
Originally built in 1925, the Jail housed 38 inmates. It is still in operation today. In 1980 the Jail's interior was remodeled. New floors and 8 new cells were installed. Since 1982 much needed major renovations, and additions to the Jail have all been paid for by Federal funding, through the US Marshal’s Office. In 1992 a 2 million dollar grant, from the U.S. Marshal’s Office, helped with an additional 62 beds. Orange County's Detention Center, now, has beds for 138 inmates.
The Detention Facility houses all persons entrusted to the custody of the Sheriff from:
1. The courts.
2. All law enforcement agencies within the county.
3. The U.S. Federal Marshal's Office; temporary Federal assignees (prisoners).

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