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About the Sheriff's Office.....
The Office of the Sheriff is the oldest office under the system of common law in the United States and is an integral part of government in the State of New York. The position of Sheriff in Columbia County dates back to at least 1772 when Phillip J. Livingston was appointed to the position. In 1822, Samuel E. Hudson was the first Sheriff to be elected to serve a term of three years. Since then, the Sheriff has been an elected official with the current term being for four years.
As the oldest constitutional law enforcement officer of the county, the Sheriff is charged with maintaining the peace in all municipalities, villages, and townships within his/her jurisdiction, as well as the care and custody of persons pending court action. The Sheriff's Office is unique in that it is one agency which provides five public safety enforcement, corrections, security services, emergency management and civil enforcement. In addition to police services, the Sheriff maintains a 135 bed county jail located at the Public Safety Facility and provides security for Local, County and Supreme courts and other county buildings such as the County Clerk's Office and Social Services.

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