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The Tompkins County Jail is operated in accordance with State and Federal Jail Standards and the rulings of State and Federal Courts. The legal obligation of the Sheriff is to provide a safe, sanitary and secure place of detention for all persons committed to our facility. The Sheriff must protect the community by securely detaining persons held here. Additionally, a priority must be placed on protecting both the inmates and the staff who work inside.
With 40 Corrections Officers on staff, the Corrections Division is the largest division of the Sheriff's Office.
The main duties of the Corrections Division include: Intake, Booking, Identification, Classification, Supervision, and Transport.
Some of the services made available to our inmates are provided by the Mental Health Department, the Probation Department, the Alcoholism Council, Aids Work, Offender Aid & Restoration, the Advocacy Center, and the Jail Transition Program. Programs available for inmates while incarcerated in our facility include: HIV testing, Wrap (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), Boces and The Mary Bogan College Initiative Program, CPR, OSHA training and also the Garden Project.

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