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The current capacity for the jail rests at 671 inmates, both male and female. This full service detention center is adequately staffed with qualified and specially trained staff to provide safety and protection for inmates and the correctional facility’s staff. The Summit County Sheriff’s Office also provides security for the Glenwood Jail, which is a smaller minimum security jail. Both facilities provide inmates with the services needed to provide inmate safety, general welfare and rehabilitation.


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How do I find if someone is still in a Summit County Jail?

You can call inmate services for the latest information at 330-643-2177, or check the daily roster here.

How can I find court information for Summit County?

You can search for court records using this county site.

Can I call an inmate in a Summit County Jail?

No, inmates can make outgoing calls only by collect call or using a prepaid plan.

How can I visit an inmate in a Summit County Jail?

Inmates are only allowed one visit per week. See this page for registration and scheduling.

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