How to Find Mugshots Online

Anytime a person is arrested, a mugshot is taken that can be used to correctly identify who has been taken into police custody. These mugshots are then used to provide an up-to-date image of a person that can be used by law enforcement professionals after a person's arrest. While these photographs were once stored in a folder behind an officer's desk, they are now made available online so that they can be found by the public through a simple search.

County Jail Mugshots

When a person's mugshot is placed online, it can help their friends and family to find important information regarding their case. By simply entering in a person's first and last name, they can be instantly brought to a page that lists all of the critical information involving a person's status. The page also provides information regarding the county in which a person is incarcerated as well as their basic statistics.

A mugshot search can also provide insight into a person’s charges. Even if they have not been found guilty, it is important to know if a loved one might have broken the law. Many times, concerned family and friends want to know when something has happened to someone that they care about immediately.
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